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Q & A with Eren

So who is Leo Stropic?

Leo Stropic is a grumpy and lonely person living in Professor Andrews care house with no family but the professor is like his family.

He is a mean, rude, violent and bad tempered person who likes to bully other people, including the McShelleys who moved into the Professor’s house.

How did you come up with the idea of this character?

I came up with the idea of the character because at points in my life I have felt bullied. Creating Leo has helped me to understand bullying.

Will Leo ever mellow?

Leo was mellow in the Christmas special. He could do that again but it is a bit unknown if he’ll ever mellow for sure. He is incredibly angry.

What’s next for Leo and the McShelleys ?

There are possibilities for new adventures for Leo and the McShelleys. There could also be new books and in the future another series

What should I do if I feel that I am being bullied?

If you ever feel bullied, tell your parents or a carer, your family, a responsible adult like a teacher. You can also contact Childlline for help and support!