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Launching Leo Stropic Merchandise

It’s took about 9 months of development but finally this in September 2022 at Gaunson Creative Open Studios we launched the first drop of Leo Stropic Merchandise.

We are so excited with this development. 10 years after Leo first appeared he finally is available for purchase as a character. It has taken us a lot of time and research to get the products that in January we sketched out and dreamt up.

Back at the beginning of the year Eren created a small Leo Clay Model and from this prototype we broke it down and worked out how we could make kits so that anyone could make their own Leo.

We have called them Mini Make Kits and they are now available for order online in the Leo Shop

And for one weekend only in September 2022 you could visit our Pop-Up Shop and buy them directly from us.

This is the first year we’ve promoted Leo Stropic at the open studios but with it now being 10 years of Leo Stropic we felt is was the right time to celebrate Leo and the McShelleys.

We’re gave away 10th Anniversary Postcards all weekend at Open Studios 2022.